Sunday, September 24, 2017

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Full Crack

RELEASE NAME : Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2018-CPY
RELEASE DATE : 22/09/2017
SHOP RELEASE DATE : 13/09/2017
PROTECTION : Steam + Denuvo x64 v4.6

A special edition version dedicated to FC Barcelona and PES
fans! Get exclusive content for myClub associated with the club!
  • 1x FCB Special Agent
  • 1x FCB Legend Special Agent
  • 1,000 myClub coins
  • bonus myClub content:
  • 4x Start Up Agents
  • 1x Partner Club Agent
  • 10,000 GP x 10 weeks
  • Gameplay Masterclass - Strategic Dribbling, Real Touch+ and new set pieces take the unrivalled gameplay to the next level
  • Presentation Overhaul - New menus and real player images
  • PES League Integration - Compete with PES League in new modes including myClub
  • Online Co-op -A mode dedicated to co-op play is newly added
  • Random Selection Match - Fan favourite returns with new presentation and features
  • Master League Upgrade - New pre-season tournaments, improved transfer system, presentations and functionality
  • Enhanced Visual Reality - New lighting, reworked player models and animations covering everything from facial expressions to body movement to bring the game to life



  • OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 SP1(64bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-3450(3.10GHz)/AMD FX 4100(3.60GHz)
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 650/AMD Radeon HD 7750
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 30 GB available space
  • OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 SP1(64bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-3770(3.40GHz)/AMD FX 4170(4.20GHz)
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 660/AMD Radeon HD 7950
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 30 GB available space
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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Download Sublime Text 3 build 3143 2017 Full Version

Release Date : 13 September 2017


3.0 (BUILD 3143)

See also the Announcement Post

  • Refreshed UI theme, including full high DPI support
  • New icon
  • Added alternate theme, Adaptive, that inherits colors from the color scheme
  • Added new color schemes Breakers, Mariana and Sixteen, derived from the excellent work of Chris Kempson and Dmitri Voronianski
  • Added color scheme and theme switchers with live preview via the command palette
  • Windows: Added touch input
  • Linux: Added repositories for apt, yum and pacman
  • Mac: Added Touch Bar support
  • Mac: Support for custom color window title bars on OS X 10.10+
  • Many additions and bug fixes to the theme engine, plus full documentation
  • Significant improvements to Markdown syntax highlighting, with thanks to keith-hall
  • Significant improvements to C# syntax highlighting, with thanks to gwenzek
  • Significant improvements to Java syntax highlighting, with thanks to djspiewak
  • Significant improvements to Python syntax highlighting, with thanks to FichteFoll
  • Significant improvements for R syntax highlighting, with thanks to randy3k
  • Markdown: Improved symbol handling
  • C#: Improved symbol handling
  • Many other syntax highlighting improvements
  • Various bugs with the syntax highlighting engine have been resolved
  • Fixed several crash issues
  • Improved responsiveness when the system is under high CPU load
  • High DPI textures are used on Windows and Linux when the DPI scale is greater than 1.0
  • Improved font selection on all platforms, allowing selection of different weights by name
  • Added setting theme_font_options to control font rendering of UI elements
  • Improved auto indent rules for HTML and PHP
  • Font geometry issues that prevent bold or italics are now printed in the console
  • Fixed flash-of-white that could occur when the auto complete window is closed
  • Disable scroll animation when animation_enabled is false in settings
  • Files can now be renamed when only the case has changed
  • New windows start with an empty find history
  • Find in Files panel now responds to find_all and replace_all commands
  • Various regex handling improvements in the Find panel
  • Fixed text widgets cutting off the bottom pixel of their selection border
  • Fixed an issue with close_windows_when_empty in empty session
  • Fixed empty panes on startup when hot_exit was set to false
  • Fix Open Containing Folder on Windows with a folder containing a comma
  • Fix multi-cursor pasting when clipboard contains one or more full lines
  • Prevent UNC paths from being mangled by edit_settings
  • Prevent a crash when a malformed regex is used in indentation settings
  • Improved rendering performance with a large number of gutter icons
  • Gutter icons are now sized properly on Windows and Linux high DPI screens
  • Improved sidebar performance when folders contain many thousands of files
  • Improved inline error message style
  • Fixed an issue where multiple indexing status windows could be shown
  • Windows: Font rendering defaults to DirectWrite unless using Consolas or Courier New
  • Windows: Added support for no_antialias font option when using DirectWrite
  • Windows: Improved touch pad scrolling
  • Windows: Improved file change detection robustness
  • Windows: Improved font selection logic
  • Windows: Fix ctrl+` shortcut for UK (ISO) keyboards
  • Windows: Improved fallback font handling in UI elements
  • Windows: The subl executable on OS X and plugin_host.exe on Windows are now signed
  • Windows: sublime_text.exe now has CompanyName set in VERSIONINFO
  • Mac: Handle layout changes due to macOS Sierra tabs
  • Mac: Improved default web browser detection
  • Mac: OS X 10.11 and macOS 10.12+ default to using San Francisco for the UI font
  • Mac: Fixed file change notifications from freezing UI on macOS Sierra
  • Mac: the user's default shell is executed and environmental variables are set in the plugin Python environment
  • Linux: Update X11 selection on clipboard every time selection changes
  • Linux: Improved MOD3 modifier key handling
  • minihtml: Added support for borders
  • minihtml: Respects font_options from the settings
  • minihtml: Fixed layout of html popups on Windows and Linux under High DPI
  • minihtml: Fixed crash when doctype is present
  • minihtml: Fixed a crash from non-existent CSS vars
  • minihtml: Fixed a crash triggered by bad image paths
  • API: Add View.text_to_window() and View.layout_to_window()
  • API: All API functions now accept and return device-independent-pixels
  • API: Fixed input panel not running on_cancel when re-showing the input panel
  • API: Fixed selector scoring with the & operator
  • API: Fixed a bug causing incorrect phantom contents
  • API: Fixed crash in Window.set_view_index()
  • API: Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.2k, SQLite to 3.16.02
Download Sublime Text 3 build 3143

Monday, July 3, 2017

Refresh adalah... Dan Apa Sih Kegunaannya?

Sudah berapa lama anda memakai Windows? dan seberapa sering anda melakukan refresh? disini kita akan membahas apa sih sebenarnya REFRESH itu? apa sih kegunaanya? Kenapa kita harus melakukannya? Apa sebegitu pentingnya melakukan refresh? dan apa yang terjadi bila kita tidak melakukan refresh? 

Ini Penjelasannya
1. Apa itu Refresh? Menurut kamus yang saya memiliki Refresh memiliki arti menyegarkan, Seperti pada  halaman internet, bila kita mengunjungi suatu halaman dan halaman itu tidak termuat dengan sempurnya, apa yang akan kita lakukan? pasti Refresh, untuk apa? biar halaman yang kita buka itu loading ulang dan dapat menampilkan semua material yang ada dalam halaman itu. Nah, agak berbeda dengan yang ada di komputer, di komputer kita melakukan refresh untuk merubah tampilan di komputer sobat yang baru saja kita rubah, misal kita baru saja membuat, menghapus, memindah, menyimpan atau mengubah nama suatu file tapi namanya belum berubah, kita tinggal REFRESH saja dengan F5 atau klik kanan>Refresh, dan alhasil ditampilan file yang baru saja kita ubah akan berubah.

2. Apa Kegunaanya? Seperti yang saya jelaskan diatas, Fungsi/Kegunaan dari refresh adalah untuk merubah tampilan bila kita baru saja merubah nama/lokasi suatu file.

3. Kenapa Kita Harus Melakukannya? Untuk merubah tampilan di komputer kita yang belum berubah setelah kita merubah suatu file.

4. Apa Sebegitu Pentingnya Melakukan Refresh? Ya, Penting, Sangat. Karena apabila kita tidak melakukan Refresh kita tidak akan melihat apa yang baru saja kita lakukan pada suatu file.

5. Apa Yang Terjadi Bila Kita TIDAK Melakukan Refresh? Yang AKAn terjadi bila kita tidak melakukan REFRESH adalah kita akan mendapatkan tampilan lama kita dan kita belum akan mendapatkan perubahan setelah melakukan suatu hal pada file kita.

JADI INTINYA, intinya (menurut beberapa sumber) refresh itu HANYA berpengaruh pada tampilan saja, bukan pada performanya, jadi BILA ada yang bilang bahwa refresh itu bisa melegakan RAM kita, dan akan membuat komputer kita lebih cepat dalam beroperasi, itu MURNI tidak benar, dan itu hanya lah sebuah SUGESTI, TAPI apabila kita tidak melakukan refresh maka hati kita belum lega, maka REFRESH saja terus, hitung hitung sambil olahraga jari, hahaha

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Friday, June 30, 2017

Naruto Live Action 2017

Hallo minnaa,disini saya akan menshare sebuah video yaitu NARUTO diatas panggung, yaa bisa dibilang LIVE ACTION, video ini sangat keren gan, lihat deh mereka berdua mau ****** hahaha, dan liat deh betapa CANTIKNYA Ino dibawah ini

Ah, uncchh banget ya gan, jadi kayak kena genjutsu ni saya gan, jadi melayang gitu xoxoxo.

Tonton langsung aja deh gan, daripada nyesel lho kalo gak ditonton



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